TULP jewelry in the making!

If you an colorful idea, you should chase it!

If you can create it, you can make it!

If you enjoy creating your dream, you should share it...

If you can hare it with your beloved partner, gó for it!


Martijne van Vught, master of goldsmithing [Schoonhoven] is constantly working as craftswoman in the Étoile workshop. Mostly all items available in the Étoile store are handcrafted by her. Philippe Disse, the creative part of the duo is responsible for the design and story of the brands they both create and make.


As from today, Thursday April 12th. 2018, 'POSTS' will be presented on our Étoile website and the text will be written in first person in stead of a third person. A first person writing means I (Philippe) will be writing about our passion, devotion and work. If I write, I tell you a bunch about what's been done and mostly, how's been done in our store and workshop. (Our Facebook-page will end May 2018).



We are getting a lot of beautiful questions about our designs, created in 3D technology. How stones are setted and even 'what's gold'?


Starting form this first post I will not go back in time and tell stories of the past because we are always looking forward ;)

Nevertheless I will gladly mention interesting historical milestones during the posts once in a while.


This first 'post' is about our newest label in the making called TULP.

It's a colourful blend of gemstones, captured in 18 karat gold.

There will be a full beautiful collection present within the month of May 2018 and Martijne is working around the clock to get it done.

A few early birds have picked some TULP-rings out of the nest to cherish is it in stead of waiting until next month. That's super hey?

(The prices of our TULP collection start from € 525 and some are available in our store if you are curious)


Again, we are so proud to create beautiful 'stuff' that's so appreciated since 2011 in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

If you have any questions regarding anything we (can) do our create, please call us: (00)31.(0)43.8802585