03. November 2018
The Étoile dogs that make our day!
27. October 2018
1st. DUBOIS wooden ballpoint edition. Eleven exclusive ballpoints handmade from an authentic chair of café / bar 'In de Karkol' Maastricht.
05. October 2018
Authentic 'FireBelt' to hold your pants!
09. September 2018
As from Oktober 1st. 2018 we will launch a new Étoile label, an accessoire tool that's simple and yet so handy for everyone to use... We have called it: 'KeyBoy' ! A handy key-organiser that's truly and fully handmade in the Netherlands and will be introduced in our shop Étoile Maastricht (October 2018). This useful design is already known for it's simplicity but the refined expression and chiqueness lies in the little details! You will feel and see! A little useful, leather handy tool to get...
17. August 2018
During the months of August and September 2018 we will work on our newest department in our Étoile Maastricht store! Starting Oktober 2018! We will launch a new and improved 2nd floor with bright and innovates accessories. At this time all creative labels are gathered and in production to show off and sell out! Update will follow soon!
03. August 2018
What's new and flourishing in store?
05. July 2018
A launch of a new Galileo Watch edition!
17. June 2018
Every day an artistic graphic design made from a true vintage dictionary book page (issued 1785). Re-used and re-issued in a new and free context. Project will start on Sunday July 1st 2018 until Sunday June 30th. 2019. All printed pieces will be available online at € 12,50 (exclusive frame but inclusive shipment). Each print is titled, stamped and re-dated on the backside. This Daily Dictionary is a project by Philippe Disse (Étoile Maastricht, the Netherlands).
01. June 2018
"One of Étoile Maastricht's jewelry icons would be the Bonaparte 'Versailles' ring". Philippe disse, designer at Étoile Maastricht. The ring is according to it's name inspired by the beautiful gardens of Versailles. It's remarkable shapes and twists make the design of ring so special that actually the complete Bonaparte collection is shaped around this particular 'Versailles' ring model. The first 'Versailles' model was designed in November 2011 by Philippe Disse, a few months after opening...
18. May 2018
How to learn to create and build your very own mechanical watch in ONE day! Yes, it's Time and possible! In just one day you will learn the very basics and principals of watchmaking! Thanks to a highly professional team of German and Dutch watchmakers you can and will learn how a mechanical watch works and eventually build one. Your very own watch-mechanism (Unitas-Calibre), your watchcase, your preferred color dial and even a decorated 'Perlage' is one of many options to customise your...

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