13. July 2019
Danser le Can-Can!
19. June 2019
Proud participant at the SWISS ART EXPO 2019!
01. June 2019
NEW GOLDEN TULP IN BLOOM! Close your eyes and imagine a field of flowers in bloom... Fat chance you thought of a field of colourful TULIPS [Dutch: TULP]. But, besides the mesmerising beautiful colours tulips have, it's shape is as beautiful as elegantly powerful. A tulip, once worth a fortune, now a fortune of happiness. Just bring one or 100 tulips to a beloved one and it will be cherished as long as it flourishes ... Our TULP-icon ring is designed to symbolise that famous expression of the...
02. May 2019
Just 'FlowerColor' your life...!
02. April 2019
Inspired by the HAMSA philosophy, a true cultural symbol for peace. Give one to indulge positiveness, receive one to embrace love.
17. March 2019
The artistic love for Champagne... Five years ago (2014) Philippe Disse folded over 225 Champagne 'Muselets' [the wire that holds the Champagne cork] in to little Art-Pieces. Every Muselet got lost in time but each photographed piece is a joy to watch.
09. March 2019
A men's stylisch Mustano musthave! Étoile Maastricht's handcrafted bracelet made from 100% non coloured genuine horsehair.
12. January 2019
HOSPITALITY at ÉTOILE MAASTRICHT New: check your stay in maastricht now - WWW.CLOUD9MAASTRICHT.COM -
01. January 2019
Étoile Maastricht's first edition of three beautiful fragrances, composed to enjoy and indulge. The Dutch designer-duo go the olfactory way (the nose experience) with their new brand L'EAUDE [French: the water of or from]. Martijne van Vught & Philippe composed a deep fig-fragrance named 'Eve's fig leaf' a second fragrance named 'Versailles' with deep notes of Oudh, Almond and a slight touch of Vanilla. The third summerish warm scent is called 'Jardin d'Orange'. Close your eyes, your in Italy!
09. December 2018
Writing accessories made from historical wood! DUBOIS II edition: "O.L.V. Basiliek Maastricht" [the Basilica of Our Lady Maastricht]. By Étoile Maastricht / DUBOIS ©2018

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