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17. June 2018
Every day an artistic graphic design made from a true vintage dictionary book page (issued 1785). Re-used and re-issued in a new and free context. Project will start on Sunday July 1st 2018 until Sunday June 30th. 2019. All printed pieces will be available online at € 12,50 (exclusive frame but inclusive shipment). Each print is titled, stamped and re-dated on the backside. This Daily Dictionary is a project by Philippe Disse (Étoile Maastricht, the Netherlands).
20. April 2018
Translation of article: Many artworks are inspired by flowers! But, there's no Museum specialised is such art... The Dutch city of Aalsmeer is a true Capital of flowers. This city of Aalsmeer is preparing to get developed as a touristic environment of Flowers and a true existence of a enormous Flower Art Museum. A 1000 square meter museum, a huge parking space, a large sculpture garden and a 1000 square meter terrace overviewing the 'Westeinder-plassen" (nearby lakes). Until the official...