The Galileo Watch, designed by Philippe Disse of Etoile Maastricht.


The 'One Hand Watch', designed with upmost devotion to honour his beloved grandmother.

Inheriting grandmothers beautiful 17th. century one-hand 'Lantern-Clock' in the year 2016 he build and produced his current Galileo Watch model in limited editions: 'Discovery of Time' (25 pcs) - 'Explore Jupiter Moon' (52 pcs) - 'Linea Libertas' (40 pcs) - 'Universo Autonomo' (20 pcs) - 'Observation of Mars' (100 pcs) and the pink golden 'Cosmo d'Oro 2020 (75 pcs).


The Galileo Watch available online and instore at Etoile Maastricht as from: € 549,-


The concept of timekeeping started with just one hour-hand.

The concept of time is 'to take it' as much and long as you can!